2015 Event

Saturday, March 21, 2015
McLean County Arts Center
601 N. East St.
Downtown Bloomington

The salon program will feature readings by Chicago-based poets Ladan Osman (author of the Sillerman prize-winning Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony) and Matthew Shenoda (author of Tahrir Suite and winner of the American Book Award) as well as musical selections by female-fronted indie/pop 5-piece Alex and the XO’s and Chicago-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alicia Walter, visual art by Kaye Buchman, a sound art exhibit featuring Britteney “Black Rose” Kapri (ft. the O’Mys), Kathleen Brown, Tom Comitta, Nick Compton, Carla Harryman, Christine Hume, Jonah Mixon-Webster, and Phan7((om)), and works-in-progress presentations by Bryan Reid and Eric Pitman.


Special Guests

Matthew Shenoda
American Book Award winner, author of Tahrir Suite




Ladan Osman
winner of the Sillerman First Book Prize for The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony





Featured Artists

Alex and the XO’s 

Alex XO's Promo01


Alicia Walter 

Alicia Walters


Kaye Buchman  




sound art showcase
Britteney “Black Rose” Kapri (ft. the O’Mys), Kathleen Brown,
Tom Comitta, Nick Compton, Carla Harryman, Christine Hume,
Jonah Mixon-Webster, Phan7((om))


Bryan Reid excerpts from “hot_mouth_distro.txt,” poem-games
Eric Pitman excerpts from “Sex Carnival,” bizarro hybrid genre


Schedule of Events


     Claire Hedden, Curator, McLean County Arts Center and Duriel E. Harris, ISU

I  Musical Selections 12.30p

     Alicia Walter

II  Work in Progress 1p

     Eric Pitman bizarro hybrid genre from “Sex Carnival”

Open Gallery/Sound Art
 1.45p – 2.45p

III   Musical Selections

     Alex and the XO’s

IV Work in Progress 3.15p

     Bryan Reid poem games from “hot_mouth_distro.txt”

V  Reading
s 4p

     Ladan Osman, Matthew Shenoda


How to get there?

Google Maps:

Public Transit: Take the Green A from Waterson to Downtown Bloomington, ride until it loops back toward Normal and get off at Mulberry St.

Driving? Park in any Cultural District lot!

For more information on the day of the event
call the McLean County Arts Center at 309.829.0011

2015 Acknowledgements

Special Thanks to:

Doris Anderson, Alison Bailey, Steven Barcus, Brian Beam, Bruce Bergethon, Barry Blinderman, Luis Canales, Becca Chase, Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Mandy Dartt, Angela Davenport, Christopher De Santis, Ryan Denham, Matthew Donovan, Kass Fleisher, Deb Fox, Joann Goetzinger, Gabriel Gudding, Steve Halle, Rachel Kay Hatch, Claire Hedden,, Doug Johnson, Emily Johnston, Susan Kalter, Laura Kennedy, Libby Lind, Erin Magee, R.C. McBride, Jeanne Merkle, Jonah Mixon-Webster, Evan Nave, Laurel Perez, Elizabeth Phelps, Lasantha Rodrigo, Marion Sakaluk, Diane Smith, Dee Soper, Gina Stinnett, Benjamin Sutton, Janis Swanton, Ameliah Tawlks, Amy Tellor, Brandi Wells, Tracy Widergren, and Taylor Williams.

With abiding gratitude to:

Eric Shellito and Artezen Design, the English Department’s Publications Unit at Illinois State University, the Illinois State University Women’s and Gender Studies Program, the McLean County Arts Center, and the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency, for their generous support.