2021 Event—QPlayaz | QPride, June 22 virtual event

Playground opens Tuesday, June 22, 2021
5:30pm PT | 7:30pm CT | 8:30pm ET on Zoom
#QPlayaz #QPride #LetsPlay
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Ronaldo V. Wilson will host team QPlayaz Vidhu Aggarwal, Lucas de Lima, Dawn Lundy Martin & Angela Peñaredondo for an interactive poetry reading and mixed-genre queer conversation through which to play hard softly in between the face of terror and isolation, fear and possibility, community and catch. The QPlaya-ground will feature rounds of verbal four square, double d-iz-utch, and tag between the participants as they rep what it means to be and/or to be in alliance with lgbqtia+++++ modes of African and other diasporic play/s across practices and performance, so get ready, set, go & come!

QPlayaz | QPride : @Salon 2021

Our Play Leader

Ronaldo V. Wilson
Award-winning author, interdisciplinary artist and Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at UC Santa Cruz

Rinaldo V Wilson

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Our Playaz

Vidhu Aggarwal
(AKA “Vic Wall”)

Read more about Vidhu Aggarwal here

Lucas de Lima
Lucas de Lima is the author of Wet Land (Action Books) and Tropical Sacrifice, to be published this year from Birds LLC.
Lucas de Lima

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Dawn Lundy Martin
Dawn Lundy Martin is an American poet and essayist.

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Angela Peñaredondo
Angela Peñaredondo is a queer nonbinary Filipinx interdisciplinary writer-artist-educator.

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