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Jonah Mixon-Webster (aka DJ 1st Mind)  is a poet, sound artist, and educator from Flint, MI. He is a Ph.D. student in English Studies at Illinois State University. His poetry, sound, and hybrid work is featured or forthcoming in Muzzle MagazineKinfolksSpoon River Poetry Review, Blueshift Journal, AssaracusCallaloo, Propter Nos, Shade, Small Po[r]tions, WGLT’s Poetry Radio, LA Review of Books’ Voluble, Winter Tangerine‘s Love Letters to Spooks, and the anthology Zombie Variations Symposium



I wake up like this–stirred by hollow voice heard it say “Here, take my mouth / It will sing for us when we have gotten where we’re trying to go.”
–“Oveture For…” (Forthcoming Shade Journal)