tanner menard & Andrew Weathers “Whole Face” (excerpt)

tanner menard is a Q2S, non-binary poet & composer whose work embodies their Creole/Acadian/NDN lineage. Poems are their method of survival, a linguistic medicine of ambiguity which is certain that love prevails. menard is a member of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana & Southeast Texas & resides in Tempe, AZ. They work as a community organizer for Equality Arizona.

Andrew Weathers (b.1988) is a composer and improviser currently based in Littlefield, TX. His work engages with notions of place, tradition, repetition, and spirit. Weathers studied composition at UNC-Greensboro and electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, CA. In addition to a busy performing schedule, Weathers helps run the Full Spectrum and Other Minds record labels, curates the Longitudes music series at CO-OPt Research + Projects and works as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer.