“Winthrop Avenue” (ft. The O’My’s) – Britteney “Black Rose” Kapri *Featured Sound Artist*















Britteney Black Rose Kapri is a teaching artist, writer, performance poet, and playwright based out of Chicago. She is the author of Winona and Winthrop (2014) and a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Major in English Literature and a Minor in French Language. She is currently an alumna turned teaching artist of Young Chicago Authors. She was the Haiku Slam champion of Louder than a Bomb in 2010 and 2011. She is also a member of the Not Enough Mics collective. Britteney made her theater debut with Victory Gardens’ “And The Whole Train Was Like…” through its Poets to Playwrights Conservatory project. She has performed at Chicago Hip Hop Theater Festival, Taste of Chicago, The Encyclopedia Show, The Writer’s Guild’s Palbra Pura and WBEZs Word Across the Generations.





















The O’My’s are the new sound of Chicago Soul. Rising stars in the midst of a Chicago music and cultural renaissance, The O’My’s have recorded and shared stages with Chance the Rapper, Wyclef Jean, ZZ Ward, Ab Soul, Twista, NoName Gypsy, Mick Jenkins, Save Money, Yo Yo Ma, and Kids These Days. A multi instrument, multi-ethnic crew, The O’My’s are led by co-founders and songwriters, singer/guitarist Maceo Haymes and keyboardist Nick Hennessey. The crew’s rhythm section is comprised of bassist Boyang Matsapola and drummer Barron Golden. Erick Mateo on sax, William Miller on trumpet, and J.P. Floyd (formerly of Kids These Days) on trombone complete the horn section. All Chicago natives, The O’My’s sound captures the tremendous love, pain, warmth and bitter cold found in the city’s streets. Delicate arrangements, a pounding rhythm section and soaring horns provide a perfect home for Haymes’ commanding, smokey rasp and smooth falsettos. Drawing from Chicago’s rich musical traditions of blues, jazz and rock, The O’My’s pick up where their musical forefathers left off, taking Roots Rock’n’Soul to the present. The O’My’s are now in studio recording their third project, Keeping the Faith, a Psychedelic Soul record slated for release in the late fall of 2014.